Penis Foreskin Restoration

We offer the latest, state-of-the-art foreskin restoration product. Our product allows you to stretch your foreskin easily, enjoyable and effectively. It's priced reasonable and includes free shipping in the USA. Foreskin restoration can be achieved very effectively by vacuum pumping the foreskin.

1. The FORESKIN PUMPING CYLINDER lets you gently pump your foreskin. You must have enough foreskin to cover your penis head when flacid. This cylinder requires NO painful acrylic ball to use unlike our competitors who require the painful acrylic ball to use. Pumping works very well at expanding the foreskin. Over time repeated expansion of the foreskin tissue can result in permanent foreskin enlargement. We offer 2 diameter sizes of Foreskin Cylinders. The 1" diameter is the size that fits most men. This is the size we ship when the order is placed. We sell a larger 1 1/4" diameter size which can be purchased if you are ready to use a larger size cyl due to increase size of the foreskin after using the 1" or if you already have a large amount of foreskin. The cylinder does NOT include a penis pump. You must have a pump to use this cylinder or you can purchase a pump on our website.
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(NO Acrylic Ball Needed)

(Includes Free Shipping In USA)Cylinders Include a 30 Day Workmanship Warranty


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